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The Company was formed as the Malta New Issues Investment Co. Limited on 29 April 1963. The Company’s name was changed on 11 May 1965 to Malta Shareholdings Limited when the Company was converted to a public company with the objects of carrying on the business of a finance trust in all branches. The name was changed again on 29 September 1978 to Santumas Shareholdings Limited. The Company’s objects also provided for property development, with the main property development being the Santumas Estate at Marsascala. Calpabrin Properties (Investments) Limited merged into Santumas Shareholdings Limited on 2 April 1987 and Marsascala Development Limited and Santumas Contractors Limited merged into Santumas Shareholdings Limited on 15 December 1989. On 9 May 1996, the Company was licensed as a Collective Investment Scheme under the Investment Services Act, Cap. 370 of the Laws of Malta by the Malta Financial Services Centre. The Company was registered as a public limited liability company under the Companies Act, Cap. 86 of the Laws of Malta on 24 December 1997, thereby changing its name to Santumas Shareholdings plc. On 12 December 2003, the Company’s shares were accepted for listing on the Malta Stock Exchange. On 9th October 2014, the Company surrendered its license as a Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) and de-listed its shares on the Malta Stock Exchange as a CIS. On the same date, Santumas Shareholding plc was admitted to listing on the Malta Stock Exchange as a Property Company.

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13/02/2024 Change of Auditors
19/12/2023 Approval of Interim Statements
15/12/2023 Board Meeting
30/10/2023 Approval of AGM Resolutions
17/10/2023 Election of Directors
03/10/2023 Annual General Meeting
29/08/2023 Approval of Annual Report
24/08/2023 Resolutions at Annual General Meeting
22/08/2023 Board Meeting
28/12/2022 Approval of Interim Statements
20/12/2022 Board Meeting
01/11/2022 Approval of AGM Resolutions
17/10/2022 Election of Directors
30/09/2022 Annual General Meeting
06/09/2022 Resolutions at Annual General Meeting
31/08/2022 Approval of Annual Report
16/08/2022 Board Meeting
23/12/2021 Approval of Interim Statements
18/12/2021 Board Meeting
29/10/2021 Approval of AGM Resolutions
15/10/2021 Election of Directors
31/08/2021 Approval of Annual Report
19/08/2021 Errata Corrige Board Meeting
19/08/2021 Board Meeting
11/08/2021 Date for AGM and Related Information
22/12/2020 Approval of Interim Statements
18/12/2020 Board Meeting
23/10/2020 Approval of AGM Ordinary Resolutions
06/10/2020 Nomination of Directors
28/09/2020 Annual General Meeting
28/08/2020 Approval of Annual Report
18/08/2020 Board Meeting
07/08/2020 Date for AGM and Related Information.
07/04/2020 Information to the Market: Covid-19
23/12/2019 Approval of Interim Statements
12/12/2019 Board Meeting
05/11/2019 Issued Share Capital
01/11/2019 Appointment to Audit Committee
30/10/2019 Listing on the Malta Stock Exchange
29/10/2019 Approval for Admissibility to Listing
14/10/2019 Approval of AGM Resolutions
14/10/2019 Change of Directors
26/09/2019 Nomination of Directors
20/09/2019 Annual General Meeting
29/08/2019 Approval of Annual Report
19/08/2019 Board Meeting
01/08/2019 Resolutions at Annual General Meeting
19/12/2018 Approval of Interim Statements
11/12/2018 Board Meeting
26/10/2018 Approval of AGM Resolutions
09/10/2018 Nomination of Directors
28/09/2018 Annual General Meeting
23/08/2018 Approval of Annual Report
14/08/2018 Board Meeting
03/08/2018 Resolutions at Annual General Meeting
18/12/2017 Board Meeting
07/12/2017 Issued Share Capital
30/10/2017 Approval of AGM Resolutions
13/10/2017 Nomination of Directors
04/10/2017 Addendum to AGM Notice
03/10/2017 Annual General Meeting
18/09/2017 Change in Shareholding
18/09/2017 Errata Corrige re Shareholding
11/08/2017 Board Meeting
10/08/2016 Resolutions at Annual General Meeting
09/12/2016 Board Meeting
16/12/2016 Material Transaction
28/11/2016 Bonus Issue and Share Split
21/11/2016 Bonus Issue and Share Split
21/11/2016 Approval of AGM Resolutions
04/10/2016 Nomination of Directors
23/09/2016 Annual General Meeting
11/08/2016 Board Meeting
10/08/2016 Resolutions at Annual General Meeting
29/12/2015 Appointment to Audit Committee
16/12/2015 Board Meeting
14/12/2015 Change of Directors
14/12/2015 Approval of AGM Resolutions
01/12/2015 Nomination of Directors
18/11/2015 Annual General Meeting
07/10/2015 Resolutions at Annual General Meeting
15/09/2015 Material Transactions
27/08/2015 Change in Shareholding
24/08/2015 Approval of AGM Resolutions
07/08/2015 Board Meeting
14/04/2015 Appointment of Director
19/12/2014 Board Meeting
10/10/2014 Listing as a Property Holding Company
06/10/2014 Surrender of CIS Licence
25/09/2014 Application to surrender CIS Licence
24/09/2014 Approval of AGM Resolutions
23/09/2014 Annual General Meeting
23/09/2014 Resolutions at Annual General Meeting
03/09/2014 Errata Corrige re Bonus Issue
02/09/2014 Approval of Items at Board Meeting
25/08/2014 Board Meeting
12/08/2014 Approval of Annual Report
07/06/2014 Appointment of Director
27/03/2014 Change in Shareholding
12/03/2014 Change in Board of Directors
30/12/2013 Approval of Interim Statements
23/12/2013 Board Meeting
14/12/2013 Approval of AGM Resolutions
25/11/2013 AGM Resolutions
30/08/2013 Approval of Interim Statements
26/08/2013 Board Meeting
02/09/2013 Eligibility for Final Dividend

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Registered Address: Flat 1 Britannia House
9 Old Bakery Street,
Valletta VLT 1450

Telephone: +356 2125 0345
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Fax: +356 2123 9279

Email: santumas@santumasmalta.com

Contact Person: Michael Formosa Gauci
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